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Fish and Game Club of Vienna


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The Fish and Game Club of Vienna is located across from the Youngstown - Warren Metro Airport in Vienna, Ohio on Youngstown Kingsville Rd. We are a group of men, women and families that have common interest in Shooting Sports, Fishing, Conservation and just plain fun. Feel free to take a look around, we will be adding a lot of material about the club as the year progresses.


60+ 2017 Gun Raffle

1.    CMMG AR 15  300 Blackout Tactical Rifle                    
2.    Mossberg 702 Plinkster 22 LR Semi Auto Rifle            
3.    Taurus PT709 9mm Pistol                        
4.    CZ USA 103D 410 ga Canvasback O/U Shotgun            
5.    Ruger LCR 38 Special Revolver                    
6.    Savage 93BTVSS SS Thumb Hole Bolt Rifle            
7.    Kahr CT380 380 ACP Pistol                    
8.    Ruger 10/22 RB 22 LR Semi Auto Rifle                
9.    Mossberg 500 12 ga Pump Shotgun
10.    Kahr KT40 40 SW Pistol
11.    ATI GERGST44 22 LR Tactical Rifle in a Wooden Crate With Accessories
12.    Savage Mark II BTVS 22LR w/Scope Bolt Rifle
13.    H&R 72181 12 ga Pump Shotgun
14.    Ruger BSR9C-CTL 9mm Pistol
15.    Stoger Uplander 20 ga SxS Double Shotgun
16.    Henry Golden Boy 22LR Lever Rifle
17.    NAA 22MS-HG 22 MAG Mini Revolver
18.    CZ USA 455FS 22LR Bolt Rifle
19.    Savage BMAG 17WSM Super Mag Rifle
20.    Remington Versa Max 12 ga Semi Auto Shotgun
21.    Walther P22 22LR Pistol
22.    CZ USA Coach Gun 12 ga SxS Double Shotgun
23.    Mossberg 464 30-30 Lever Rifle
24.    SigSauer P250SC 380 ACP Pistol
25.    Delton DT Sport 5.56 Tactical Rifle
26.    Mossberg 500 20 ga Pump Shotgun
27.    Taurus PT1911 9mm Pistol
28.    Ruger 10/22 RBDFS 22LR Semi Auto Rifle
29.    Savage 64G 22LR Wood Stock Semi Auto Rifle
30.    CZ USA 103D 410 ga Canvasback O/U Shotgun
31.    S&W 444 38 Special Revolver
32.    H&K 22LR MP5 Machine Gun Configuration
33.    Savage 11LWH 243 Light Weight Bolt Rifle
34.    Springfield XDM 40 S&W Pistol
35.    Savage 93R17 17 HMR Bolt Rifle
36.    Ruger American 300 Blackout Bolt Rifle
37.    Ruger NV-34 357 Mag Revolver
38.    Henry H004M 44 Mag Big Boy Lever Rifle
39.    Mossberg 930 12 ga Semi Auto Shotgun
40.    Traditions  Elite S/S 12 ga O/U Shotgun
41.    Taurus M856 38 Special Revolver
42.    Auto Ordnance 1911A1 45 ACP Pistol
43.    Springfield XDS 45 ACP Pistol
44.    Remington 504 22LR Bolt Rifle
45.    Savage Mark II BV 22LR Laminate Thumb Hole Bolt Rifle
46.    Heritage RR22NCH6 22LR/22 Mag  Combo Revolver
47.    Kahr K40 40 S&W Pistol
48.    Ruger KM77-GS 308 Win. Bolt Action w/Scope Scout Rifle
49.    Savage MK II BV 22LR ACCU Trigger Laminate Stock Bolt Rifle
50.    S&W 625 45 ACP Revolver
51.    Ruger 77/22 RH 22 Hornet Bolt Rifle
52.    CZ  USA Coach Gun 12 ga S/S Double Shotgun
53.    Springfield XD40 Mod 2 40 S&W Pistol
54.    S&W M60LS 357 MAG Revolver
55.    Ruger AMER-RF 22LR Compact Bolt Rifle
56.    SigSauer P250 9mm Pistol
57.    Taurus M4510 45/410 Judge Revolver
58.    Ruger K10/22 22LR Semi Auto Rifle
59.    Ruger KSRH7 44 Mag Revolver
60.    Beretta A391 12 ga Semi Auto Shotgun

Door Prize.   Kimber 84 LPT 223 Light Police Bolt rifle

Due to availability a gun of equal or greater value may be substituted
All Guns Provided by Stockers Gun Shop SR 45 North of Warren Ohio, Champion Township
Handguns can be transferred to out of State dealers.

Bonus Guns

A. Colt 1911 Rail Gun 22LR Pistol
B. Ruger PK45 22LR Pistol
C. Savage 9317 17HMR Syn Stock Bolt Rifle
D. Kahr PM9 9mm Pistol
E. Ruger Mini 30 7.62x39 Semi Auto Carbine
F. SigSauer P250 9mm Pistol
F. SigSauer P250 9mm Pistol
G. Masterpiece Arms 9mm Pistol
G. Masterpiece Arms 9mm Pistol

Upcoming Events

Sunday, Jul 23 All Day
Sunday, Jul 23 at 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM
Tuesday, Jul 25 at 4:30 PM - 8:30 PM
Wednesday, Jul 26 at 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM